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Custom - Stoneware Pottery Cremation Urn - Wheel Thrown Clay - Keepsake Cremains Jar For Family Member or Pet Ashes

PLEASE - Make sure to read the entire listing description before making your purchase. Reading all information and instructions in listing description is necessary to make sure you understand how to order your memorial item correctly and to insure that you receive a memorial piece that meets your expectations. Please make sure to include all necessary information in the buyer notes section as requested below. Not doing so may delay the completion time of your order.


Keep your loved one close in a custom, handcrafted, one of a kind, Cremation Urn. I make these one at a time; keeping in mind that someday they may bring some peace and comfort to someone who has felt the loss of a beloved family member, friend or pet.

These urns can be purchased in a large enough size to inter the entire amount of your loved-one's cremains or just a small amount as a keepsake.

My unique method of creating these Urns produces a safe, secure container that isn't easily spilled. These urns are one piece and have no removable lid. Your loved-one's cremains are placed in a niche in the bottom of the Urn and a natural (in some cases, hand cut) cork is added to seal the vessel (cork included).

See below for my NAMEPLATE link and for a link to my STONEWARE NICHE COVERS for exterior use.


* Choose the correct Urn size - Based on the live, ideal weight of your loved-one (will affect the price)


* The live, ideal weight of your loved-one.

* Size candle receptacle you would like if other than a tealight size. (CANDLE NOT INCLUDED)
I will have to make the candle receptacle about 10% larger than what the final size should be due to clay shrinkage in the kiln. After the urn is fired, the receptacle should shrink to approximately the right size. If it ends up too small, I will start over with a new urn, however your candle receptacle may be slightly larger than requested and still be appropriate.

* Your glaze color choice(s) from the swatch photo. (Other colors may be available upon request).

(You may also notice from the swatch photo that you can also choose to have your urn unglazed either with a solid clay color or a mixed clay color (on wheel-thrown urns the mixed clay colors will show up in a spiral/swirled pattern because of the way they turn on the pottery wheel).

(Glaze colors on sample urn photos may or may not still be available. Please reference swatch photo when choosing glaze colors).

(Unless otherwise requested, Speckled Brownstone Clay will be used for your urn. Feel free to request a swatch photo of glazes on White Clay (which makes the above glazes look brighter) or Dark Brown Clay (which makes the above glazes look darker).

If you would like an ENGRAVED NAMEPLATE for your urn instead of a cork, please purchase the following listing (urns with top corks would receive both cork and nameplate). I can provide you with a round nameplate for you to attach to the bottom of your urn. It would cover the hole in the bottom of the urn after the cremains are interred into the urn.

If you would like a STONEWARE NICHE COVER instead of a cork so you can USE YOUR URN OUTDOORS, please purchase the following listing.

This listing is for a handmade, custom item. It is not possible for your custom urn to be exactly like the one(s) in the sample photos. The sample photos represent the general style.

This item will be made upon purchase. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 6 WEEKS for your order to be completed. Larger size urns may need extra completion time. Please see my "Ready To Ship Urns" section if you need something quicker.



Please let me know if you have any further questions about choosing an urn size.
I am very sorry for your loss.


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